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What You Should Look For When Choosing PBN Domains

Recently I’ve started PBN building service and noticed that not all people knows how to select good SEO domains, one of my clients were buying trash domains from Source Market.

Here is the screenshot of domains stats for which he was PAYING MONEY :

pbn domains list


While TF seems ok, referring domains number is tragically low. There were only ~3 acceptable domains, and that’s not my clients fault, he was buying domains from a domain seller, and seller should be responsible for providing quality stuff, but as I’ve seen number of times, sellers in source market don’t know what they are doing, and people who buys there, doesn’t always have a good background in SEO.

So I decided to give him some tips from my own experience and observations in different SEO groups, that he could avoid spending money on sh*t domains and would know where to look when he receives PBN domains order. After sending him that email, I though that there are more people who needs this info and that’s when I decided to do a blog post about this.

Here are my tips for people who doesn’t really know what to check in PBN domains:

TrustFlow currently the best metric which tells you about domains authority, I prefer it to be 15+, but you can’t look into this one metric alone.

Referring domains, some people are telling that they are seeing better ranking results from domain with stats: TF14 RD120 than from 3 x TF21 RD12, and I believe them, because it’s simple logic, backlinks are like “recommendations” for Google search engine, which tells who is more trusted and who to rank higher.

So If you think about it like, you have to choose from 2 identical businesses, providing same service and one of them have over 120 clients providing recommendations and another have just 12, it’s pretty obvious who to trust.However, available domains with TF15+, RD50+ and clean from spam is hard to find, and if you buy them, price can go over $50 easy, I know this because I sell PBN domains and I’ve checked 4M+ domains in Majestic.

I’ve got results from domains with RD10+, and this is my recommended minimum when building network. If you’re paying for domains and it has less referring domains than 10, it’s not worth your money.

Backlinks, some domains get high TF just from 1 authoritative backlink, be careful and don’t choose this kind of domains, I don’t believe that they can give you much ranking power, and if they loose that one backlink, all the power is gone.

1 power link in pbn domain

One link with TF40, others are TF0

Domain history checking, people like to get domains which have clean history and was never built like PBN or Chinese website before.


Domain used to be built like a Chinese website at 2014-04-03

Logic behind this, that if an SEO registered that site before and let it expire, it have no value or was penalized.

The truth is, that there are 1000’s of SEOs who doesn’t know what they are doing, things don’t work out for them and that’s why domains “drop”. Also, I have let to expire over 10 good pbn domains, just by forgetting to renew them, because all of them registered under fake info and email accounts which I don’t check often.

So if domain get’s indexed, it will give you ranking boost. Never had any problems ranking with websites which were used as a PBN or Chinese website before, only thing I avoid is pharma/gambling/porn/loans websites. I know that there lot of people against buying websites with this kind of history, and I never sell domains with such history, but I’m feeling fine using them.

If anyone have seen any case study where it was proven that clean history domain gives more “link juice” than not clean, please leave me comment.

Backlinks type. Already few years ago Google told that they are looking at contextual links, that’s why SEOs build PBNs and not placing links in the sidebar. But how about PBN link profile? Lot of people miss this step, and don’t look at link type.

So, does PBNs with directory links profile help you rank? Yes, I’ve got results with this kind of PBNs.

Does PBNs with contextual links are more powerful? I’m 99% sure they are! And it’s 99% because I’ve never saw or did any case study to compare these different types of pbns.

If you’re buying domains for $5-$25, it’s not common to get good contextual link profile, because not even all PBN domain sellers knows this, lot of them look into TrustFlow and if it’s 15+ (sometimes people sell even TF10+) they’re fine.

Niche relevant domains. When Google said relevancy is important ranking factor, it started big hype in SEO community, and lot of people started to build domains which are in the same niche as their moneysite.

I’m sure that in the future this might be big ranking factor, but currently at this moment if you don’t want to spend big money building new network for each moneysite you get in different niche, it’s enough to build “general” topic PBN, and get your link in niche relevant article.

To sum everything up, Private Blog Networks still works great, and before adding big filter to domains selection, you should identify what type of PBN website you’re building and what is your budget. If you can’t afford or can’t find power domains for your network, you can mix up inventory like: 4 Regular Domains + 1 Power Domain to get better results.

Power PBN Domain

Use this domain to link out with your targeted keyword, choose reputable hosting company (hostgator, godaddy, bluehost, EBN etc.) maximum effort to make it look like a legit website, professional pbn setup, manual articles, maybe even monetisation. If you outsource everything, you can expect spending $150+ per website.

  • TF20+
  • RD30+
  • Clean history
  • Contextual backlinks
  • Niche relevant domain (optional)

Regular PBN Domain

This domain is used for adding anchor texts as LSI, brand name, naked url, and partial match keyword. For hosting you can use dollar host companies (nice list here). Setup to make it look like a real website. If you outsource everything you can expect paying $50 – $100.

  • TF15+
  • RD10+
  • No specific requirements for links, just make sure that domain have more than 1 power baclink.

My biggest advice is: know what to look at when buying stuff from Source wave marketplace (some gigs quality equals to those on fiverr just with bigger price tag) and don’t be choosing domains for 2 weeks before building 3 websites, almost all domains with decent stats helps you rank, just build them and track moneysite performance, that way you’ll know what’s working for you and what’s not.

Was this information helpful? Alright, now give me all those virtual high fives!!!


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  1. Hello Tim,

    Really nice article. You clear some confusion of mine about choosing PBN domains. But i didnt get your point about using Chinese website history. We got lots of domain which fulfill all the metrics but the history is based on Chinese. I use translator to check what type of website it is and sometimes it looks a decent website. So why not using that one? Also i found some website that one is English history before but someone took it and use it for 1-2 year based on Chinese market. But those chinese website didnt have any Chinese back link history. I mean website is back link profile is clean, no Chinese anchor or links exist and match all the metrics but history is Chinese. Can i use it? I hope you will get time to give a reply back of my question.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hey Sany,

      Thanks for comment. Lots of people who are buying domains require clean domain history, and the only reason I could think of, is that they are afraid of domain having some kind of Google penalty. But that’s not a problem for me, if domain stats and backlinks looks good, it will get indexed 90%, and when it does, it will give you ranking boost.

      My only advice was to avoid it when buying “power domain”, because you’re paying more money for it and you want to make sure that there are minimal risk involved.

      • That means for general domain i can buy that Chinese website? And for power domain i should be more careful. I already bought few those types of domains based on really really good metrics and after setting up the WP it get indexed. So please advice and confirm that will i able to buy those Chinese website for general one? I need confirmation as you are expert on it and i am a newbie here trying to learn for my own website. Sorry if i bother 🙂

  2. What would you recommend for a local lead gen site where it isnt as competitive?

    • Get some some cheap “pillow” links for $5-$20 (blog comments, press release etc.) with naked URL, general and brand name (if it’s not EMD) as anchor text, and build 3-5 pbn links with exact match and partial match keywords. When you do this, track your results and see if you need to add more. Hope it helps 😉

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