What You Should Look For When Choosing PBN Domains


Recently I’ve started PBN building service and noticed that not all people knows how to select good SEO domains, one of my clients were buying trash domains from Source Market. Here is the screenshot of domains stats for which he was PAYING MONEY : While TF seems ok, referring domains number is tragically low. There were only ~3 acceptable domains, and that’s not ... Read More »

Easy way to build niche relevant PBN


A lot of people try to build PBN related to their money site category, but sometimes it might be very hard to find domains for it, especially if you try to rank for very narrow niche. I will show you an easy way how to select domains that are good for you. Read More »

Website indexing. It’s free and easy to do!


This is pretty basic stuff, but I find that there are people who are asking how to index a website, and I’m sure that there will be more of them in the future. Why you need your website to be indexed? If your website is not indexed, search engines don’t show your page in search results, just because they don’t ... Read More »

First post


Every blog needs to start somewhere, and I’m starting here, this is my first post. Why am I starting this blog and whats in it for YOU? I am living from creating websites and ranking them on search engines. To be more specific, I get paid by Google. I’m not going to lie that I created this blog just to ... Read More »